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How to switch the logo when scrolling in Divi

by Brandon ReaderDecember 14, 2019

In this tutorial I'll show you how to swap your logo when scrolling the page using the Divi theme fixed header in WordPress and a bit of JavaScript and CSS. This can be a good way to use the reduced space on...

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The “good design” principles of Dieter Rams

by Brandon ReaderDecember 8, 2019

I recently attended An Event Apart here in Denver and was able to watch Rams, a new documentary film by Gary Hustwit. Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, is one of the most influential designers of our ti...

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Top 10 favorite corporate logo redesigns

by Brandon ReaderDecember 2, 2019

A rebrand to stay current is a ritual many corporations go through every several years. Things move fast in the world of branding and consumers seem to embrace and appreciate more modern branding as time moves...

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